Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TRUE BLUE, by David Baldacci


David Baldacci


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First Edition Hardback
released October, 2009

Published by:
Grand Central Publishing

Hachette Book Group

ISBN: 978-0-446-19551-5


$27.99 U.S.
$34.99 Canada

High profile crime -- MURDER! -- "in the nation's capital". National security. A true-blue cop wrongly accused and imprisoned. David Baldacci delivers on high-stakes thriller action. This book is no exception.

However ... (sorry) this one brings to mind another of his books, the only one among the many I've read that I couldn't finish: THE WINNER. Also highly pro-feminist in layout, THE WINNER is unfortunately unrealistic. Its protagonist is an unbelievably strong woman (hiding the fact), go figure, in a seemingly unsalvageable situation. Worse, this newest novel has not one, not two, but THREE wickedly-dangerous women in the cast, none of them hiding it (this time). Swinging delicately on the arms of one of the women and leaning firmly on her sister at times, is an athletic but decidedly non-dangerous man.

This is as close as David Baldacci has yet come to writing humor, as far as I can see. He's a terrific writer, and I love his work in general. Therefore I will say only that TRUE BLUE is not my favorite among Mr. Baldacci's works, or at least the ones I've read (most of them, I think) so far. That doesn't mean I won't be waiting eagerly for his next release; it means only that he's set himself a high standard, and this book doesn't come close to his best work. I suspect he knows that by now.

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