Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HOLLYWOOD MOON, by Joseph Wambaugh


by Joseph Wambaugh


Releasing as:
First Edition Hardback
December, 3, 2009

Published by:
Little, Brown and Company

Hachette Book Group

ISBN: 978-0-316-04518-6


$26.99 U.S.
$32.99 Canada

Mr. Wambaugh's last release, HOLLYWOOD CROWS, fell far short of this newest release! HOLLYWOOD MOON comes off as a smoother creation even in this uncorrected (advance copy) proof when taken in its entirety. This time we have a genuine story -- with anecdotes woven into it, as they should be, instead of being scattered around like chocolate chunks on a cardboard cookie.

In this newest novel, he's given us humor, no small amount of incredulity, pathos, love, grief. All of the necessary palette that makes the work plausable. The plot is complex but orderly, the characters his trademark mix of real and surreal, the whole tale a multifaceted reader's magnet.

I want to personally thank Mr. Wambaugh for going the extra way to bring his readers a genuinely good read that is anything but boring. He's done it up right, this time. (By the way, Mr. Wambaugh, I'd love to read your plain old memoirs!)

Reader's thanks to Hachette Publishing Group -- and Miriam Parker, Associate Director of Online Marketing -- for the opportunity to review this book and pass it along to the world of readers. The Fireside Reader sincerely thanks you!

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