Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GENETIC ROUNDS, by Dr. Robert Marion, MD


Nonfiction: memoir/medical
by Dr. Robert Marion, MD

Released: 2009

Published by:
Kaplan Publishing

Kaplan, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-60714-460-1


$24.95 U.S.
$30.95 Canada

As I (an "ordinary" reader, non-scientist) understand it, genetics is the study of a blueprint too immense and detailed for a single, however bright mind, to completely understand. Yet a single strand of DNA is too small to be seen with the naked eye. It carries in its double helix design complex secrets beyond the average person's wildest dreams. It is not, sadly, perfect. Errors in that tiny strand can cause horrible malformations of the body, as it holds all the keys of creation and therefore constant recreation of that body within itself. The human genome is being studied and mapped slowly; lives are being altered in the meantime, young, innocent lives.

Dr. Marion offers up considerable insight in this, his medical memoirs, a collection of essays dealing with his personal experiences caring for the victims of genetic error and their families. The experiences range from grim to glorious. From sorrow to transcendence, we go along with him. Seeing through his compassionate eyes as he makes his GENETIC ROUNDS, we're given a clear view of the children to often hidden beneath -- or because of -- the facade of the problems they bear. It seems the ultimate inheritance roulette.

It becomes clear that such a doctor must be more than a just a physician taking care of some mechanical, routine condition. Such a doctor must be a real, caring doctor with the soul of a philospher and the attention span of a legendary detective! Not only the patient, but also the family needs the kind of friend in the attending doctor who is capable, a confidant with solid, practical morals.

This and much more can be found in GENETIC ROUNDS. For the love of a child, for the lives of humanity, it's a round well worth taking. 


Reader's thanks to Dr. Robert Marion, and to Kaplan Publishing -- and also to Brett Sandusky, Marketing Manager at Kaplan Publishing -- for the opportunity to read, and review this book and pass it along to the world of readers. The Fireside Reader sincerely thanks you!

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