Tuesday, March 2, 2010

THE SWAN THIEVES, by Elizabeth Kostova




Elizabeth Kostova

(#1 bestselling author of

Released as hardback
January, 2010


Little, Brown and Company

ISBN: 978-0-316-06578-9

$26.99 USA
$32.99 Canada

Art-related mysteries have become standard fare these days, thanks to Dan Brown books that have hit the market wide open, creating a new specific niche for readers to look for on the shelves. However, Ms. Kostova has a unique style -- and does concrete, believable research -- that carries her work far above the average mystery/thriller novel. She has a way of solidly grounding her stories in the here and now, which I adore.

THE SWAN THIEVES is an excellent piece of literature. If you like books full of honesty and intrigue in equal parts, Ms. Kostova has created a second work of art, this one about works of art itself, that will draw you in and keep you looking for more.

This is a book to curl up with, a book to keep you turning pages and looking for the what, the why, the reason and the solution to the mystery of the things of the soul that can never be too closely examined. The story has numerous twists, turns, and all of it smoothly twined into a solid, believable tale executed by characters whom one cannot help but sympathize with all along the way.

Make time for this one. And ... I'll be looking forward to the next Kostova novel, myself!

Special thanks to Hachette Book Group, which provided this book for review free of charge to the independent reader.

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