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Theft, by N.S. Koenings



N. S. Koenings

Fiction short story collection to be released as original paperback in March, 2008.
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ISBN numbers:

ISBN-10: 0-316-00186-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-316-00186-1

Published by:
Back Bay Books/ Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Book Group USA 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169

$13.99 USD / $16.25 CAN
Ms. Koenings is a toymaker and collage artist who grew up on three continents; she currently resides in Massachusetts. Her works are influenced by this and other labors, "many languages and music", and it shows. I noted that the blurb saysh she "spends most of her time thinking about love, accidents, evil, money, and the concept of 'the nation'", and she hopes that her novels are "joyfully defiant".
I found her short stories to show a quirky depth of understanding about various natures, ills, and relationships within a given society. Her artistic angle leans this collection strongly to the "art read" side of the spectrum. It takes us to other worlds, shows us things only a visual artist would see and think of as significant enough to write about -- a way of seeing that the general populace of the world doesn't know exists.
The best I can say on a personal basis is that this book is a window to worlds I'll probably never see in person. What it lacks in hard-hitting story, it makes up for in delicate, subtle barbs that latch on and creep through one like a secret storm. I found it to be 'interesting'.
That said, I wouldn't buy another like it. It's simply not strong enough in style to appeal to the devoted reader. Very nice... but room for improvement. And a bit less wind, to my taste.


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